Set Your Store Apart

Mobile Applications


Track your store’s numbers with secure access through the cynergi|suite mobile application for $29.99.

Select which Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics you’d like displayed on your app dashboard.

cynergi|suite gives your RTO business user-friendly dashboards to view the critical business information you need to make growth-minded decisions, including revenue, past dues, agreement counts, and customer counts.

With the KPI application, you can easily view information for one or several stores. High Touch includes the following KPIs in this application:

  • Rental income
  • Late fees
  • Past due dollars
  • Past due counts
  • New agreements
  • Pending agreements
  • Paid out agreements
  • New customers
  • Lost customers

Get the cynergi|suite app:

cynergi suite app logo

cynergi|suite Collections App

Collections App

Access necessary information from your stores cynergi|suite system while performing field visits at your customer’s home. Never miss an in-home collection fee again as your employees can log the fee from the app. It’s free to download with a per store monthly fee. Contact your Account Representative to sign up or fill out the contact form.

Use it to:

  • Search for a single customer
  • Update customer contact information
  • View customer rentals, payment history and commitments
  • View past due summary
  • View available pick up lists
  • Create past due pick up list
  • Log an In-Home collection fee
  • Log a call through the app and the information will be entered into your cynergi|suite system

Get the Mobile Collections app:

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Rental App

Eliminate paper rental applications and streamline the new rental order process:

  1. Fill out an application on a mobile device
  2. Capture the customer’s signature
  3. Submit the web prospect

Get the Rental app:

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Customer Portal

With the Customer Portal app, existing customers can contact your business through text message, if they opt in. Customers can also view their account information, make payments on accounts with saved payment information, and add new payment information using a link to your online payments website.

Contact your Account Representative to sign up or fill out the contact form.