Set Your Store Apart

Text Messaging

Automatically or manually send text messages to customers through the cynergi|suite software.

Text customers reminders for approaching payment due dates. Setup text message campaigns for collections, birthdays, marketing purposes, and more.

No development skills needed – easily add cynergi|suite data fields into the messages with a single click.

  • Integrated Opt-In/Opt-Out with verification code
  • Auto-responses available for current balance on agreements, payoff amount, and more
  • Profanity filtering with logging and reporting capabilities

Texts Recorded, Tied to Customer History

View a list of the texts received through cynergi|suite.
Texting Inbox
(Customer names in the above screenshot are blurred)

View all text conversations in the customer’s call history.
(Click the below image for larger version – Customer name is blurred)
Texts integrated into call history
(Click the image above for larger version)

Texts integrated into call history